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About iconGamers Charity Staff

This About article was posted by CrazyJoe at 11:34 AM on January 06, 2005

There are only TWO Official Staff Members. They are on every non-Asian shard in the guild GACH, and look pretty much like what you see in the accompanying images. If you see a Crazy Joe or Brekkee without their guild tag turned on, ask them to turn it on - you could be dealing with an imposter!

Crazy Joe [GACH]
Staff, Gamers Charity.Com

Brekkee [GACH]
Staff, Gamers Charity.Com

ICQ : 442571
Email : CrazyJoe @
I own and operate this website.I handle all Ebay transactions and Red Cross Donations myself.

I am a UO Forum Administrator for Ultima Online Stratics, the official forums for Ultima Online. My real name is Joe, but people call me Crazy Joe - and have done so since I was a teenager. I am 30 years old, have two kids, 3 dogs, one wife, and proudly going bald. I have played Ultima Online for almost 5 years, and have volunteered at Stratics since May 2000.

ICQ : 1296479
Email : Brekkee @
Brekkee, Managing Editor for The Sims Online Stratics, the official forums for The Sims Online, helps with the website. I trust her with receiving donations and delivering goods to Auction Winners.