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News iconTwo Milestones Reached!

This News article was posted by CrazyJoe at 03:56 PM on February 07, 2005

I did not have much luck selling a few high priced rare items, so I went ahead and sold them for a large chunk of UO Gold. In doing so, we have reached One Billion and Twelve Million gold! I have had some good luck buying medium priced rares such as Power Scrolls and Artifacts for eBaying, and hope to continue doing this to get the donations to Red Cross faster.

As if that wasn't enough great news, I have also received payment on an auction tonight that puts us over $5,000.00 in donations!

Way to Go to the UO Community that made this possible! To continue to help, you can donate virtual goods or spend your money on the auctions at eBay!

And, as promised when we reach 1 Billion Gold....