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News iconAuctions Back Online

This News article was posted by CrazyJoe at 01:19 PM on September 01, 2005

There hasn't been any auctions as of late due to real life health & work problems, but I couldn't stomach inaction this week while following the news with Hurricane Katrina slamming into the Southeastern United States.

If you wish to donate you can contact me:

  • ICQ 442571

  • AIM CarnivorousJoe

  • email

First, I would like to formally apologize for Gamers Charity coming to a standstill mid-April. At that time, we raised $8,177.19! I had some serious health issues come up, and I was not able to maintain my online time in a consitant manner. For this reason, I halted auctions instead of doing a half-assed job and upsetting any auction winners and tarnishing the image I have created here.

After I got a grip on the health issues, we had some serious issues at my office and I have not been able to be online during the day as I was before, plus going home with work so I was still unavailable.

To be blunt - it's been one crazy year in my personal life. However, it pales to nothing to the lives of others that have lost everything to the Hurricane Katrina.

So I am pushing aside what is left of my sanity, and with Brekkee's help I have confidance that everything will go smoothly!

Just to be clear on a few things....

I am still set up with eBay, MissionFish, and Paypal so I expect no problems this time around.

The guild GACH is still active, with only myself and Brekkee as members.

I have cleaned up the outdated parts of the webpage, and started a fresh new database to keep track of the new auctions.

Some of the gold going on the new auctions is left over from the Tsunami Donations. I know this is going to make some people uncomfortable, however as I said - I had some issues that prevented me from staying online, and I rather have kept the auctions offline instead of ruining them. The gold is going to Red Cross - as it was going to go to in the first place (I was planning on dropping Americares in April)

If you have any questions, by all means contact me.