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News iconCredit Card Issues

This News article was posted by CrazyJoe at 10:32 AM on October 13, 2005

Auctions are on hold a bit at the moment due to Credit Card issues, that isn't allowing Mission Fish to collect their donations (and so far has one of my UO Accounts on hold!)

It really is a funny story what's going on, so if you want to read about a page in my personal life, read on. I expect Auctions to be back as soon as my new card arrives in the mail.

Last week I took off on a little "business trip". Our company buys a LOT of materials from supplier down in the Texas valley, and earned itself three invitations to their annual fishing tournament. Seeing how they are our favorite vendor, and it was 'free' fishing, how could I say no?! Not only that, it would be an insult to their honor to deny them customer appreciation. Or something.

So 45 minutes before we took off for the trip, I had a call from my wife - our credit card was denied. We share the same credit card (two names, one account) and I only care ONE card to control my spending habits. I call them up, and they say there was a mysterious charge for $8.00 a week ago and they think its fradulent. We talk for about 5 minutes, I can not recall spending $8.00 a week ago so she states the card is probably comprimised and locks it out, and will mail me a new one. They can not even tell me the vendors name or any information on it, which I guess is why it sent up a flag.

Just like that.

I said this can't happen, I leave for a 4 hour road trip in 45 minutes and NEED that card. No luck. I got $25 in my pocket for this trip. Not good!

I call my wife and explain we are both dead in the water. She then said that she TOLD me she got a newspaper subscription last week....and that it just so happen to be $8.00.

Upset I did not call her on another line first, I call back my credit card company. I'm out of luck - they already cleared the account and created the new one. I am furious, as you could imagine, and asked the manager, "So you are telling me I'm basically screwed for this road trip?"

"No sir, we are mailing you a new card that you will have in 7 to 10 days"

"I leave in 45 minutes. I have no more than $25.00 in my pockets. So, as you can see, you telling me I get a new card in 7 to 10 days is basically saying "I am screwed""

"Sir, I can not say that you are screwed"

"It's not too hard, just say it. Say I'm screwed"

"I can not say you are screwed, but you are..."

"SEE! It wasn't so hard." and I hung up.

I raided the company cash box, wrote a few IOU's, and we were on the road a bit later.

I told my dad the story while we drove down there, and funny enough - the same thing happened to him last week! My mom however snuck a $1,000 charge onto his card. My wife only screwed up this trip for $8. My wife rocks.

So here I am a week later. I have one UO Account closed. I have a few notices from Mission Fish to make a payment. I have one VISA Checkcard with a limit of $500, and the donations are over that so I can not use that in place of my normal card.

I'm in limbo.

Sorry folks :(