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This Publicity article was posted by CrazyJoe at 08:34 PM on January 12, 2005

A blurb found on a Russian site, however I am in need of a transation. For now, I used

Crazy Joe it is ready on all

We already wrote about the self-denying player in Ultima Online, disappearing under nikom Crazy Joe which collects donations for the help injured from a tsunami in southeast Asia. However now it has decided to make even more courageous step, having informed, that agree to put on any order which will be offered by visitors of its site in the event that to it will manage to be typed two million virtual monetary units. At present it was possible to collect already more than 700 thousand. It is necessary to note, that after the given application of means.

And below that :

Players hasten to the aid

On-line games is not only entertainment, but also the effective economic tool. So one of players in well-known MMORPG Ultima Online has decided to make good business, having started to collect in the virtual world of the donation for the benefit of injured from a tsunami in southeast Asia. The gamer also known as Crazy Joe, has offered the first $3000, well and then other players were pulled also. For today it was possible to collect rather impressive sum of 315 million virtual monetary units Ultima Online, koto.