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News iconScammers, Brekkee, and Status

This News article was posted by CrazyJoe at 04:16 PM on January 13, 2005

I won't be online tomorrow, so here's tomorrow's!

A Fake Red Cross Donations Vendor has been found on Pacific. I have updated ALL the pictures in the Donation Section You will find the vendors' current appearance, location on radar map, location with XY Coordinates, and even Sextant Coordinates (buy one from a Tinker NPC). Be VERY sure to check that you are donating to only those vendors.

I am attending a Business Seminar all day friday and saturday morning, and have a Birthday Party on Sunday - then fly out Wednesday for a week. There will be no new Ebay Auctions till approximately Wednesday, and they will all run seven days. If you have anything you wish to donate in person, I FULLY trust Brekkee to receive anything, and she even has my phone number in case anything serious comes up while I am gone.

Last but certainly not least, the UO Community has donated over 729 Million Gold, and through Ebay raised $3,028.77. If you have not heard the rumor, I will shave my head if we reach 1 Billion Gold - and due to an ICQ prank that backfired I am being forced to wear a dress if we reach 1.5 Billion Gold! You have till the end of the month if you wish me to donate my dignity away!